Summer Home Improvement Ideas

They say that, ‘home is where the heart is’ so take care of yours with regular home improvements. You summer home improvement project list is probably all ready pretty full but if it is not, here are a few summer home improvement ideas to help you get started. According to a home improvement guide, some of the items that should be tackled this summer include: power wash your home exterior and driveway, put a fresh coat of stain on your fence and deck, replace any loose or damaged siding, put in a ceiling fan, completely drain your water heater, think about remodeling your kitchen, put in a outdoor kitchen, inspect your pluming and electrical, fix cracks in your concrete, and have new windows installed. According to an article by Bob Vila, you might also want to consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint and measure the efficiency of your air conditioning. In another article they stated some of the most requested summer home improvements which are: pressure washing, pool cleaning, landscaping, installation of a programmable thermostat, whole house fan, new windows, and a deck addition.

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